About my soaps

My soaps are made using exclusively natural oils.

I use production methods that date back to the 11th century. The process of turning oils into soap produces natural glycerin as a byproduct and the old production methods leave the glycerine in the soap, contrary to industrial soap production. Since glycerine absorbs moisture from the air, this helps keeping the skin hydrated.

My soaps that have a high content of soft oils like olive oil are preserved against oxidation by the natural anti-oxidants in rosemary oil extract, but I do not add any synthetic preservatives or colours.

Equally, I generally avoid the use of perfumes. It is my philosophy that a soap should cleanse, soften and hydrate the skin. Perfumes do not add to this basic purpose and the synthetic perfumes frequently used in soaps may cause allergic reactions. My historical soaps are an exception, but in those, I have used the original natural perfuming ingredients to the extent possible.

P.S. For tailor-made products, I can add perfumes or essential oils according to the wishes of client.