Savonnettes de Marie Antoinette


Perfumed wash-balls or savonnettes based on French recipes of the 17th and 18th cent.

100 g, packaged in an attractive brocade pouch.

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The Savonnettes de Marie Antoinette are based on the 17th  and 18th century recipes of Simon Barbe, the perfumer of Louis  XIV, and Pierre-Joseph Buc’hoz, a French doctor, using perfume ingredients that conjure up images from one thousand and one nights.

In accordance with the practice at the time, the soaps are hand-shaped into wash-balls ( savonnettes in French), so the shape and weight will vary a bit between soaps.

The soaps weigh approximately 100 g each and are packaged individually in a small brocade pouches as shown below. You can select the colour of the bag when placing your order, subject to availability.

If you want to experience the perfumed soaps used in Versailles at the time of Marie Antoinette, this is it!

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Toilet soap


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