Your own recipe, formulated to suit your needs

Our demands on our skin care products change with age, lifestyle, the climate where we live and the seasons.

A mass produced product must aim to please a large number of people and will therefore always be a compromise. My individually formulated products need only to please one person, you!

A handmade skin care product is a carefully selected balance between a number of characteristics. Through the careful selection of ingredients, the artisan formulator can aim for a desired balance between these characteristics.

How does that work?

The starting point is an individual consultation regarding your complexion, wishes and any known allergies. This can be face to face or via the telephone.

Subsequently, I will select or create some samples that you can try at home. The initial aim is to find the right blend of oils and waxes for your skin and circumstances. Based on your comments, I will adjust the recipe until we have developed a product that fulfills your wishes. As the last step, I can add essential oils, plant extracts or fragrance components to address specific needs or wishes.

At the end of this process, you will have your own personal unique product, perfectly suited to your complexion and taste and I will produce it according to your recipe on demand.

As an added advantage, you will have full insight in the ingredients used since the development of the recipe is done in a fully transparent manner and in close collaboration with yourself.

If you would like your own numbered soap recipe, formulated to suit your wishes and produced in limited series, please contact me to discuss your wishes.